Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Online Transcription Services

Nowadays important Interviews are recorded for various reasons. They are useful for further proceedings and for evidences. They must be preserved for future reference. It is more convenient to preserve not only the audio content but also the transcripts of the same. Interviews held within the department of Immigration, Police, Legal and Medical are immediately transcribed and preserved after use in their data collection centers. Transcribing interviews are somewhat a difficult process for the new transcriptionists due to the various tones, dialects and speed involved especially with the difficulty level will be more in the live and verbatim programs.

Perceive Transcript is one of the top most online transcription companies providing real time as well pre recorded interview transcriptions in all languages of the world. The accuracy level produced by the professionals is more than 98%. They handover the completed projects only after several layers of proof reading and editing,  Hence, they are able to provide safe and secured mode of data transfer through online. Among their online transcription services, we provide online video transcription and online audio transcription.

Our online legal transcription for $1.50/min helps the people who deal with legal formalities and cases. Live court proceedings and transcription of other legal files are performed with high accuracy to satisfy the hearing impaired clients. Further, these transcripts act as good evidences. We have a large team of legal transcriptionists with legal knowledge and experience for this purpose. Online Transcription Services is the leading transcription company, has a dedicated server and encrypted internet lines for data transfer of clients.

To get a clear idea of what is transcription services and the perfect outcome; contact us with your project, as we have a group of professional staffs to undertake each and every job keenly. They are highly required in all the countries. This is because people are much comfortable in travelling to the transcription companies and waste their money as well as the time. In such case, we are offering the best online transcribing services features which facilitate our clients in many ways.

This Company Provides Many Online transcription services,

  1. Online Transcription Services
  2. Sermon Transcription Services
  3. Outsourcing Transcription Services
  4. Manual Transcription Services
  5. Documentary Transcription Services
  6. IVR Transcription Services

 I will Proud to say by this company services. and then I got best quality online transcription services with affordable prices.

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